Meeting your needs in a dynamic environment
Since 1992, Ghiasi & Company has partnered with clients in the real estate and hospitality industries to offer sound advice in a variety of consulting and tax services ranging from corporate and partnership matters, individual tax planning, small business solutions and IRS representation. Our firm offers a variety of services for individuals and businesses which include, but are not limited to the below.
>  Tax Planning & Preparation
>  Corporation, Partnership & LLC Transaction     Structuring
>  Accounting Services
>  IRS Representation
>  Review & Compilations
>  Project Financing
>  Feasibility Analysis & Strategic Planning
>  Due Diligence
Tax Planning & Preparation
Successful tax planning requires prospective analysis of your financial statements throughout the year. Whether an individual or a business, we will prepare your tax returns while taking advantage of new tax laws and legislation. We encourage you to consult us prior to entering into any business transaction, as there might be tax ramifications or alternative means that will help maximize your tax benefits and minimize your tax burden.
Corporation, Partnership & LLC Transaction Structuring
The entity structure of a business can have a significant effect on business taxation, as well as business operations. From start to finish, Ghiasi & Company can assist you in selecting the entity structure that best meets your Company�s needs, while taking advantage of tax benefits that accompany the entity�s structure. We can help form your new business, acquire the necessary tax identification numbers and act as your agent for services for various entities. With our expertise, experience and knowledge in pass through entities, we can advise you on how to best structure your deals or transactions. We have assisted many clients in areas such as negotiation and closing of purchase, lease and sale transactions, as well as acquisition and development.
Accounting Services
Useful, well-organized financial records lead to effective business operations and smart decisions. Although this listing is not all-inclusive, Ghiasi & Company offers the following accounting services that will save you time and money over the long run:
� Quickbooks set-up, training & consultation
� Payroll reports
� Sales & use tax returns
� Cash flow & budgeting analysis
� Financial statement review & operational analysis
� Financial forecasts & projections
� Personal financial statements
� Entity selection guidance
IRS Representation
Ghiasi & Company will communicate with the IRS, state or local government on your behalf. Knowing the full range of IRS and local government procedures and our experience in handling past agency audits will save you time and money in the long run. Ghiasi & Company will assist you by securing the necessary information and expediting actions, responding to notices and representing you at meetings with IRS or state agency personnel.
Review & Compilations
Financial reporting provides you and your business with sound information regarding the financial status of your company, as well as satisfies many financing requirements. Ghiasi & Company provides financial reporting services in the form of compilations and reviews for both businesses and individuals.
Project Financing
Ghiasi & Company provides assistance to all parties involved in capital-intensive projects. We can help assemble your project package to present to potential investors and lenders; including projected financial information, industry analysis and historical data. We can also introduce qualified professionals (i.e.: lawyers, investors and financial institutions) to help make the project a success.
Feasibility Analysis & Strategic Planning
Ghiasi & Company can assist in projecting the future of your company by doing short term to long term financial projections based on different assumptions. In addition, since we service many of California�s top real estate and hospitality companies, we are better qualified to point out trends or changes in the industry, as well as help you plan the most advantageous course for your company.
Due Diligence
Whether its equity purchase, construction loans, long term financing, or some other vehicle, today�s investor needs to be equipped with every detail of the property being considered. As an independent consultant, Ghiasi & Company will sort out the facts and present an unbiased opinion as to the project�s operational soundness.